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Gaia Permaculture

An integrated way of working practical Permaculture design with aesthetics, sustainability and energy efficiency.

I specialize in custom permaculture designs, one on one consulting as well as teaching & education with my goal being to enhance the way people interact with the spaces they spend the most time in through the foundation design systems thinking that is permaculture design. 

I always work with my client to explore their personal vision and how we turn that into something real and achievable. 

By running workshops, courses and teaching  accredited permaculture education from Certificate I to Diploma level, I strive to translate and teach solutions that are broken down into easy steps that inspire people to just have a go.

Contact me to learn more about Gaia Permaculture and what we do.


What is Permaculture?

Environmentally sensitive design

The way I look at permaculture and how it fits into our modern world, is one of well thought out, whole system design that goes out of its way to encourage connection both on an evironmental level but also within community. 

It is a design approach where the system works collaboratively, with energy efficiency and in a regenerative or sustainable manner  that mimics the natural environment. 

Coined from the words "Permanent" and "Agriculture" it was co founded in the early 1970's by two Australian men, David Holmgren and the late Bill Mollisson as a way to work with nature, rather than against nature.  Integrating diversity, poly cultures, working with natural energy (sun, wind, water etc..) and built upon the three ethics of Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share, the design systems thinking is an incredibly practical and well thought out process that a trained permaculture designer goes through to ensure the system supports itself and where the needs and outputs of every "thing" in the landscape provides and is provided for by something else in the design.  

The benefits extend far beyond the actual design, as a permaculturalist also identifies where local community can benefit (use of local business) and particular attention is paid to ensure the longevity of the system (or design) and the education of the client.

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Perth, Western Australia


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